Hi guys,

Sorry that it has been such a long time since I posted. I have been getting spammed to death with comments about knock off designer handbags and I couldn’t bear to log in for ages. Nevertheless, as my good friend said, I shouldn’t let those idiots stop me from blogging!

So Since my last blog I have attempted to make the homemade moisturiser (see previous blog), which was not very successful. I believe the main problem arose from not having the correct equipment. I used a whisk instead of a high speed blender to combine my ingredients and I just couldn’t get rid of the lumps no matter what I did. Also it was a bit too oily for my skin, which was a big disappointment seeing as the recipe was for ‘non-greasy moisturiser’. Whilst searching Swansea for the ingredients, however, I found a hair shop (where they do weaves and extensions) that also sells blocks of pure mango butter and shea butter among other things. I will definitely be going back there when I attempt another recipe. AND I have bought a blender on the car boot sale for £3.50!!!!! So no more lumps!

I also tried to make toothpaste, which was absolutely disgusting. I know that toothpaste creates a massive amount of waste but I draw the line at having a mouth full of minty bicarb of soda twice a day. I did consider toothy tabs from Lush but again I am drawing the line at £2.50 for 40 tabs, which would last 10 days between the two of us. Instead, I have switched to Kingfisher natural toothpaste (I love the fennel one, it is lush). Being produced from natural ingredients,  is better for the environment both during production and when it is washed down the plughole and also better for my health. My only issue is why does the tube need to go into a cardboard box? Please will someone invent a refillable toothpaste!

Thankfully these were my only disappointments and the other things I have made were a huge success. I made mango chutney, brown sauce, pasta sauce, Thai curry paste and banana bread. In fact the banana bread I have made several times. It is absolutely gorgeous. My only amendments have been to reduce the sugar by 1/2 and to add some dates. Drool!


A couple of weeks ago my friend took me to Llandeilo food fair where I saw the lovely pie guys from the Parsnipship again. Afterwards I was inspired to have a go at some of my own mini pies and they too went down a storm with some home made chips and dark leafy greens. Yum! These ones had a simple filling of Sweet potato, chick peas, onion, tinned tomatoes, curry powder and creamed coconut. The pastry was made with vegetable suet and flavoured with tumeric and cumin seeds making this a tasty vegan meal. Don’t tell my family of meat eaters but this is what I am planning to feed them on Christmas eve! He he he!

Talking of Veganism- Who would have thought that you’d EVER see something like this in Swansea town centre of all places!??? Surely this is evidence that mainstream society is becoming more open minded- I hope so. GO PETA and Vegans and Vegetarians!

Also since my last post we had a surprise visitor from the online community “Warm Showers” which provides passing cycle tourers with some of the comforts that can’t be packed into your panniers. Our visitor was called Fabian Trummer and he is cycling the WORLD and raising money for UNICEF. You can find out more on his website. He was a lovely guy and it was  a pleasure to have him here even though it was brief. He had a good nights sleep in our spare room (much better than he has been doing in his tent!) and the next day I cycled with Fabian to Taibach and waved him on his way. Here is Fabian in Taibach. Bye bye and Good Luck!


So some of you might have noticed that it’s nearly Christmas and so a lovely afternoon in November was spent making minimalist wreaths. Lloyd was not happy, as strictly speaking Christmas decorations shouldn’t be put up until December, but once I made them they were so nice that I had to put them up.

Another nice afternoon was spent carving a snowflake pattern into a large Swede and printing cards on these recycled paper cards.

My only mistake was that I didn’t make nearly enough cards and have only realised now that the swede has gone into the compost! Oh well. Next year I’ll have to make 100 instead of 50.

Ok well that is all my thoughts for now.

Be well, safe and happy.