August Update (sorry no photos)

Well, its been quite a while since I’ve written anything on the blog. The co-op has been plodding along putting in monthly orders for approximately 7 members per month, but we have many more people who have showed an interest and are probably just getting round to putting in their first orders. Its all gone really well so far and we have had some really positive feedback from members who can now easily and cheaply stock up on quality foods that they are otherwise unable to buy in Swansea.
The only obstacles we have encountered so far have been looking for discrepancies in the bank account (we didn’t know we had to add VAT on to certain products) and struggling with an inefficient system, which thankfully resulted in us creating an interactive order form to save time. It’s been 6 months now and it’s definitely getting easier and so we may be ready to take on more members. We even had interest from a local magazine wanting to do a piece on us to help us get more members, however the offer came just before I was due to go on a 3 week cycle tour so was postponed until a more convenient time.
In other news, the veg box scheme (Greenbean Organics) that I was using made the decision to stop delivering in my area, due to a gradual decline in customers since the beginning of the recession. They will still be operating as a shop in Carmarthen but unfortunately that is just too far for me to travel. Thankfully though, one of the new co-op members told me about another veg box scheme that somehow had evaded my conscientious researching last year, so next time I want to place an order I will be trying out Organics Around Wales
As mentioned Lloyd and I went on a 3 week cycle tour from St Malo in France to Santander in Spain. It was an epic adventure of 1150 miles over 22 days. However, it did end up costing us a bit more than we had planned so since we have been back I haven’t been able to afford the organic veg. I’m not going to feel bad about it though, because it is the summer and the local fruit and veg is abundant at this time of year and I am supporting the local greengrocers on the market again. I suppose that is one of the great things about the style of sustainability that Otesha showed me. It has to be ‘sustainable’ for me as well. Thanks to setting up the Co-op I still have a lot of organic food in the kitchen and I am easily able to adapt to harder times. Next month some friends of ours are arranging a foraging weekend so that will also help. So far I have only foraged nettles and blackberries despite having a couple of foraging books so I am looking forward to some free, fresh and nutritious food in the coming months. Sometimes I do get a bit fed up of not having any money but I think that the food is so nutritious it is an investment in our health, which for me is priceless. I see so many people that would give up all the money they had just to be healthy. My body is my greatest resource, without it I can’t do anything.