Complimentary Veg Box Arrival!!!

Hi Everyone,

Last night I received my complimentary veg box from Organic Fresh Food Company. This was offered to me simply by going to the Mumbles Farmers Market and showing an interest in organic produce.

Pine cones and jam not included.

So far we’ve just tried the oranges and the salad and they are lovely. I have no idea what to do with the celeriac (I think that is what it is!) so any recipes would be welcome. I’m definitely going to order some more stuff from this company as you can pick and choose what you want unlike most veg box schemes. This suits me much better than a veg box as I can get many of the locally grown items much cheaper at the green grocers (see local vs organic blog) and get the imported veg from the Organic Fresh Food Company. They also do a variety of Organic Welsh dairy products which I can get delivered with my veg. Hooray!

In other news, Lloyd and I went for a walk down to Whiteford Point in the Gower on Sunday. We collected about 1.5kg of the most perfect blackberries you ever saw which are now in our freezer. We also found a load of puffball mushrooms and this little fella growing in the sand…….

Isn’t nature grand?

I also went to the Transition Swansea Steering Group meeting last night and met some of the lovely people who volunteer their time to lead Swansea towards a low energy future. You can find out more about the Transition Movement here and Transition Swansea here. The result of this was finding out about loads of things going on in Swansea that I have sadly missed (by not hearing about it) but also lots of things happening in the future which I am really excitied to get involved in, such as the Food Group, the Green Fayre and Vetch Veg. I also found out about Bat and Moth night next Friday 28th Sept 7-9pm at Clyne Gardens (Woodmans Pub entrance) however I’m gutted as you have to be 5-11 years old and I’m 29. However, if you or anyone you know has kids of that age, this sounds like a fab event, and only £1 per child (call 01792 635485 to book a place).

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