First frustrations.

Yesterday afternoon was the first day that I got really annoyed about my self imposed supermarket ban. All I wanted was to buy some milk from the co-op in town. I was on my way to pick up a friend who was coming for dinner. I knew we had no milk for a cup of tea and thought I would pick up milk on the way. Unfortunately, seeing as I’ve only gone to the co-op by bicycle since imposing the supermarket ban I hadn’t realised how inconvenient it is to access the co-op by car. There is NOWHERE to park except the pay and display car park which is £1.20. There’s no way I’m paying £1.20 to park the car so I can get a bottle of milk! So I thought I’ll try the shops in Sketty near my friend’s house but NO… I asked in the bakery if there was anywhere I could buy milk except for the two express supermarkets and they said there was nowhere because all the local shops had closed- Hmmm I wonder why?

The veg box schemes and the co-op are the only places you can get organic milk in Swansea (to my knowledge) except for the supermarkets. I suppose I got annoyed because I should have had a veg box delivery last Thursday but because I got a double whammy of veg a fortnight ago I didn’t get one. Hopefully once I get the routine of the veg boxes a bit more organised I won’t run out of milk again.

So how did I cope with this annoying situation and lack of milk I hear you ask? Well I just said to my friend, ‘we haven’t got any milk, so you’ll have to have it black or have a herbal tea’, which is what we both did and it didn’t actually do us any harm. When I dropped him home in the evening we were able to park the car outside the co-op as the parking restrictions are lifted after 6pm and obtain milk.

What surprised me was that when I thought about it there are so few local ‘convenience’ stores and where they do exist it is a total nightmare to park. The supermarkets have all got somewhere to park right outside the entrance making it convenient to stop there. If I didn’t do my shopping by bike I would find it more inconvenient to stop at the local shops, green grocers and markets.

One thing is for certain- I’m not going to cave in to the power of the supermarket (not yet anyway!). This experience was my first real test but it also made me more resolute. If anyone else knows or has noticed anything about ‘the way of the supermarket’ then please write a comment.

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