Good things come to those who wait

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on a few things that have been happening.

Firstly and most importantly I am proud to announce the birth of my first sourdough bread. It took 8 days for the ‘starter’ to be ready and then 2 days to prove the dough but it’s gorgeous. Now I’ve got my starter (or mother) made I can keep it in the fridge and all I need to do is feed it every time I use some for another loaf of sourdough. Who knows I may still have this same starter mix 50 years from now! The main benefit of the sourdough process, long though it is, is that the bread is so easy to digest. This study explains that the sourdough process actually degrades the gluten in wheat flour. In the study celiacs patients could eat wheat sourdough with no side effects (though this was only a small scale pilot study). Fascinating.

In other news Lloyd asked me to pull the parsnips today. It was actually quite exciting pulling them out and not knowing what each one would look like. I was quite impressed as some of them were really big and I had a little laugh at the baby ones and the freaky looking ones. I also had great pleasure discovering lots of worms and creepy crawlies living in the soil, as last night I started reading a Charles Dowding book about No-dig Organic Gardening. I borrowed the book from Swansea Library (a useful and free resource that I’d forgotten about due to my bad habit of buying books on amazon) and look forward to finding out how to make full use of the small veggie plot we have.

Also last week I bought some gorgeous fruit from Swansea Market. The only local stuff they had was veg (beetroot/cabbage/potatoes etc) but they had English greengages, golden plums and strawberries. I even did a taste test with the English plums vs Spanish plums and there was absolutely no comparison. The English plums won hands down. You could tell that the Spanish plums had been picked before they were ripe so that they would survive the long journey, they were a floury texture, not juicy at all and just weren’t that tasty. When I dropped by today there weren’t any greengages but the plums and strawberries are still amazing.Lastly, when I was at Mumbles farmers market last Saturday one of the organic veg producers was taking telephone numbers of potential customers. They offered to deliver a free veg box, no obligations, just so I could try them out. Their website is really good as you can actually choose exactly what fruit and veg you want (or have a veg box), the prices are really reasonable, and best of all almost all of the fruit and veg is listed with the country of origin so you can keep an eye on your food miles. Roger called me today and I’m getting my free veg box next Thursday. Brilliant! The Organic Fresh Food Company

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