I haven’t written a blog for ages as I’ve mostly been getting the hang of making yogurt and sourdough bread every couple of days. I have to say it must be a fine art as I’ve had variable results but so far everything has been enjoyable to eat in it’s own way. Check out the flattest sourdough ever!

Rubbish for sandwiches but perfect for soldiers. I also made Homemade hotcross buns and crumpets following a recipe from the Bread Matters book written by the wonderful Andrew Whitely, founder of the Real Bread Campaign. A real treat- I’ve made the buns twice and the crumpets three times!

Here is a quick update on what I’ll be making and doing this week. (pictures to follow)

Oh and I’m hosting the first Swansea Organic Food Co-op on Thursday night. A pretty busy week for me- but that’s how I  like it!




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