What I’ve made this week.

This week I finally got round to painting the Shefco Kitchen Unit that I bought for £8 on ebay about 6 years ago. I think you’ll agree it looks pretty awesome. In my impoverished student days I would upcycle furniture by giving it a fresh lick of paint and my recent sustainablity kick has re-ignited my enthusiasm for this old hobby.  Following the bumper crop of parsnips we have enjoyed a number of parsnippy recipes including Parsnip and Pineapple cakes (I used sunflower seeds instead of walnuts), Parsnip and Potato cakes (I used polenta instead of breadcrumbs), Parsnip and Carrot Latkes and just plain roasted parsnips. They are so sweet and delicious, I had no idea they were such a versatile vegetable.

Earlier in the week I came across a website explaining step by step how to make your own yogurt!!! Having never known this was a possibility I was beside myself with excitement. First thing the next day I was at the cooking stall in Swansea Market purchasing the only piece of equipment required: a thermometer. Instead of using an expensive yogurt maker to incubate the yogurt I placed it inside a cool box with a hot water bottle and a couple of towels. I also found a blog with a number of suggestions for incubating your yogurt if you don’t have these things. With the yogurt I also made a small batch of frozen yogurt and I am looking forward to exploring the possibilities of different delicious desserts that I can make. What I am most pleased about is that it is SO fresh, full of pro-biotic goodness and it cost me hardly anything to make.And finally, due to another round of blackberry and apple jam making a few weeks ago I used the apple peelings to make apple peel wine again. This time round I am leaving it for 12 days instead of 9 as my first attempt had not finished fermenting when I bottled it and was blasting the corks out of the bottles and resulting in a fizzy, apple flavoured wine, which we renamed- ‘Wider’. This caused much confusion and hilarity when we took some over to our friends for dinner a few weeks ago. When we arrived the man host announced to the lady host- “Ellie’s got wider!” which sounds a bit inappropriate without first explaining what wider is. The wider received good reviews so hopefully the apple peel wine will too! I also worked out that it cost about 35p a bottle, so even in these austere times Lloyd and I can afford to take a bottle of wider along with us to any gathering – and it’s good for a laugh.

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